Michelle Kaisersatt has been creating since—forever. From raking fresh mown grass into imaginary house plans as a young girl, to building real homes, working in graphic design, and becoming a sculptural clay artist in her 30's, to now, Michelle is stretching yet again having published Dear One A Message of Love, and... sewing colorful artistic blankets.


Art is the expression of living. Michelle, quietly observing and listening, realizes that the most profound, prolific, and beautiful art gallery is indeed—Nature. Through her sculptural work, writing and experimental fiber creations, she is taking lived experiences and translating them into reflective works of art. Soul Work is where art and soul meet.


@ Soul Work
101 W Broadway, Saint Peter MN
artist/studio phone: 507.351.6945
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thesoulremains
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thesoulremains
email: email artist
web: TheSoulRemains.com

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