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Now in its third year, the Saint Peter Art Stroll is a celebration of the depth of the visual arts community in Saint Peter. It is a significant opportunity for both the artist and the art curious visitor, to meet at this event, to experience the positive energy, to be drawn in to and inspired by the art forward spaces at each stop along the Stroll. Plus, artists keep 100% of their profits!

Artists are invited to either exhibit in their own personal space or choose to be matched with a local business host. If you would like to exhibit in your own space, we may request to visit your studio first. Additionally, artists that have adequate space may also share their space with another artist, which can help attract more traffic to your location. 

The 2022 Inaugural Saint Peter Art Stroll showcased 24 artists, 5 business hosts, and a few artists sharing studios to exhibit multiple artists in one space. The success was greater than we could have imagined. Artists reported hundreds of visitors moving through their spaces with excitement and positivity throughout the day. Sales were made, connections were formed, artists were discovered and the feedback from the City and the Chamber of Commerce was one of awe and thanks.

If you have any questions, please contact us.